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The Room 2 is a puzzle videogame developed by Fireproof Games. This app was originally released exclusively for iPad, as its high quality graphics means it's not so suitable for other devices. However, it has been adapted for other devices such as iPhone or Android. The main objective of this title is to solve complex jigsaws interacting with various objects as you move through different rooms. One of the strongest points of The Room 2 is the atmosphere. Everything looks creepy, with dark environments shot through with splashes of light.

As in the original The Room, the gameplay mechanics are simple: you are free to swipe, pinch and drag your fingers across the screen to check the 3D objects from every angle as you try to unveil their secrets. The first The Room faced you with a single table and a box that became a rabbit hole of connected puzzles. This title offers much larger locations with different areas and jigsaws that are connected between them. However, this time they are less complex than in the first title.

Room to Think

The Room 2 has a story that is told episodically, with several hints about the scientist’s work and your purpose. These hints come in the form of letters that you find along your way. Every time you end a chapter, the story is put together in a strange way that makes it creepy. In fact, there are certain moments in which you will be terrified of what is about to happen.

The main objective of this title is to solve complex jigsaws interacting with various objects

This title is closer to a point-and-click adventure than a pure puzzle game, as your progress will be much more than opening a new drawer or panel, you will receive a new array of objects and boxes to interact with. The first post-tutorial level takes you to the bowels of a ship, accompanied by a strange chest and a mechanical model galleon. Locations change as you progress, taking you to new dark and exotic places. For instance, you will have to repair and fire a crossbow in a crypt or guide beams of light across a laboratory.

The Room 2 1.0.3 Features

Here you can check the features of this app before you download it:

  • True-to-life 3D graphics: immerse yourself in a wide range of stunning settings that will put your skills to test
  • Detailed objects: examine intricate details of dozens of artifacts to unearth their secrets
  • Creepy sound: enjoy a spooky soundtrack and dynamic sound effects that react to your actions
  • Responsive controls: touch control is so natural that seems as if you were really touching the surface of every object
  • Share your progress with your friends and unlock achievements thanks to Game Center integration

If you are interested in The Room 2 and need additional information before you download the app, feel free to check the developer’s official website.

System Requirements

The minimum system requirements to download and run this title are:

  • Operating system: iOS 5.0 or later
  • Hard disk: 287 MB of free space


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