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EA Sports team tries to get one step further into the real football world. Apart from a richer graphical aspect, and some improvements in the game controls for making it more accurate, fans are asking for an Online Multiplayer Career mode and more features in the next release of one of the most popular sports franchises in recent history.

FIFA 15 will be released in September after the next Brazil 2014 World Cup. This new release is expected to fulfill the desires of the players involved in the online daily life of the series. With the wishlists around the net and EA Sports listening to its audience, let’s see what awaits ahead with the next FIFA 15.

Multiplayer Career mode

The always online games will be the current trend for this year; fans expect that FIFA 15 includes an Online Multiplayer Career mode in which you will be able to compete with other players. By creating their own game platform for both consoles and PC, players could update their own offline progress to the online mode.

This mode would activate the FIFA online community in a great way, just as FIFA Ultimate Team did

For this new mode, including a real-time schedule simulating a real-life league enhances the experience. In case other player is not available for playing, Computer’s AI takes control of the team in a difficulty level similar to your position in the current league. This mode will activate FIFA community in a great way, just as FIFA Ultimate Team did with its great management mode.

More realistic matches

Football fans will notice that some players’ success rate on passes and shots on target may differ depending on their stamina in professional football matches. In order to make the game ever realer, this real-life feature is expected to be included, as well as an emotional system that could affect the football players’ performance depending on how they are playing. This way, the reward for a successful move will be higher than before when it didn’t matter. Thanks to this feature, FIFA 15 gamers will be willing to increase their skills and also, they will play wisely, but their risk may suppose greater results.

On the other hand, although FIFA 14 gameplay were really good, there are some gameplay aspects that EA have to reconsider and fix like issues such as players’ non-realistic movements and header’s success rate. On real life football, head goals are not as usual as in this FIFA former release. Depending on which numbers you are willing to check, on an actual football there are between 17 to 19% head goals and according to real FIFA game data you will find that this kind of goals would be among 50 to 60% or even higher, which does not match with the realistic essence of the title.

More realistic techniques are possible thanks to new technologies
More realistic techniques are possible thanks to new technologies

FIFA 15 Features

With the new game consoles PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, computer’s AI will have a great improvement, not in difficulty but players’ reactions. They are going to be quicker, especially in defense thanks to these systems power. There are times that the players don’t react when they can reach the ball easily, and that affects negatively the gameplay.

In order to fix that, EA Sports takes especial attention to this part for improving sharply their new FIFA 15. Another element that is expected to be modified is the tactics part. This is much easier since they would import the same FIFA Ultimate Team system to the main title, taking all its possibilities and customizing even more than before your teams.


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