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VPlayer Video Player is a free mobile application for playing multimedia files. Ranked as software with a next generation design, this app is designed to react with highly evolved and intelligent touch gestures. This media displayer allows for opening a file from your mobile memory, but it also enables to access to Gmail, Dropbox, Facebook and even to YouTube videos directly from the software.

Opening a file from your mobile memory, but it also enables to access to Gmail, Dropbox, Facebook and even to YouTube videos

This program has an efficient hardware decoding acceleration that enables faster decoding and rendering for most popular formats, even HD (720p and 1080p) and with the bonus of using less battery than other similar applications. It combines audio codecs that enable you to play files with great sound quality, and it works with the most common formats of subtitles, possessing the capability to extract an MKV subtitle.

Compatible with MKV files
Compatible with MKV files

How to use

Once you have installed this download, you will be free to modify the default media reader of your device for this comprehensive software. VPlayer Video Player accepts many touch gestures, such as the volume control at the right of the screen, by dragging the volume vertically up or down. With the same gesture but to the left of the device screen, you can modify the brightness.

Dragging horizontally at the bottom of the screen, you can move through the timeline. With a diagonal motion with two fingers, you will be able to zoom in during the playback; and dragging horizontally at the top of the screen, you can advance or reduce in the time code. To block the screen, press the padlock icon.

This application allows for watching video via streaming. You have to add the URL and the name of the file you want to play. This download is totally customizable, as are some parameters such as subtitles. You can improve the readability by modifying the border and the shadow of the subtitles text.

At left in the bottom is the padlock icon
At left in the bottom is the padlock icon

VPlayer Video Player 3.2.5 Features

The main features of this program are:

  • Intelligent system of gestures: to advance on the timeline and time code, to modify volume and brightness level, to zooming, and to block the screen
  • VPlayer Video Player was designed specially for Androids, but it is also compatible with some iOS devices. For iOS devices, it is innovative in its touch gestures, considering that this is a media player
  • Supporting and reading the most common video formats
  • This download supports multiple audio tracks, includes multithreading codecs and most popular audio and video codecs, for both HW and SW
  • You can open the stored videos and videos of your mobile camera, and you will be able to view videos from others platforms such as YouTube, Facebook, Gmail or Dropbox
  • VPlayer Video Player is compatible with the most common subtitle formats, and it supports multiple subtitle tracks.
  • Some capabilities depend on the mobile device’s capacity

To get more information about this program, check the developer’s website .

Customize the app for the best viewing experience
Customize the app for the best viewing experience

System requirements

The minimum system requirements for a correct installation are the following:

  • Operating System: Android and iOS 4.3 or later
  • Processor: It requires a Dual Core
  • HDD Space: 6.8 MB of free space

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